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About me and my hiking experience

I am Syuzanna Galstyan, originally from Armenia now based in Berlin. At age 22, longing for better education and challenges, I moved to Germany to pursue master’s degree with only a few hundred euros in my pocket. Since then, challenging myself has become a lifestyle for me. Without challenges there isn’t much growth and life is boring, isn’t it? 

Professionally I work in the field of civic education. For the last two years, I have been primarily working on projects in Armenia. This has given me an opportunity to spend more time there, discovering Armenia’s highlands and cultural landmarks.

Since discovering hiking, it has become an important part of my life, a new way of self-discovery and growth for me. Stepping onto a trail rewards me with the most fulfilling feelings; it’s the excitement for adventure, the acknowledgment of difficulty and the dedication to reach the summit. Hiking is a wonderful way to escape the stressful pace of urban life, discover picturesque landscapes and explore a country from another perspective. Hiking is also a way for me to connect with nature and myself, which rewards me with feelings of harmony and inner peace. Last but not least, hiking gives me an opportunity to meet amazing fellow hikers from different walks of life.

Sometimes the hiking trail is easy, and sometimes it can be slippery, rocky, and muddy. It is the same in life. Sometimes everything goes smoothly and other times we face difficulties. Hiking is a way to train my persistence, strength, and patience. It is teaching me to not give up a halfway and reach the set destination, both in mountains and in life.

How has the idea of developing this itinerary come up?

I have been sharing about my hiking experiences through social media. It has been a way to also show my small international community how magnificent Armenian landscapes are.

I have been receiving many encouraging messages and inquiries regarding hiking in Armenia. I have not expected that my (modest) hiking experience would evoke so much interest among my friends, colleagues, and social media community, and motivate them to consider traveling to Armenia. Thus, the idea to create integrated hiking and cultural/historic discovery tour came about.

I am delighted to share this authentic itinerary which would allow you to discover ancient Armenia through hiking and walking! The itinerary is unique in its nature, combining both hikes and cultural tours. It will give you an opportunity to discover the most popular and picturesque hiking destinations of Armenia and at the same time, it offers tours which will bring you closer to the ancient Armenian history and culture.
Each hiking destination offers you a unique landscape in different regions of Armenia. Hiking tours will be guided by a professional mountaineer. All hikes have been structured to accommodate everyone despite prior hiking experience! We will make sure that all the group members reach the summit.

I am very excited to present this authentic itinerary which would allow you to discover ancient Armenia through a difference lens!


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