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Day 3: Trip to Noravank Monastery and Areni Cave,

Armenian Wine Tasting and Dinner in a Vineyard

The Noravank monastery complex is one of the brightest monuments of Armenian architecture of the 13th century sitting in a picturesque mountain range. We will start walking towards the monastery through pink colored gorge popular with its caves, splendid flora and fauna. After getting acquainted with the history of the monastery and enjoying breathing views, we will head to the Areni Cave.

Areni Cave is a complex of caves located near the village of Areni. In the cave, located at an altitude of about 1080 m above sea level, the researchers discovered several cultural layers, including a complex of the Copper-Stone Age era with adobe buildings dating from 4200-3500 BC. In 2010, the oldest shoes in the world were discovered here. Around the same time as the shoe discovery, another major discovery was made – a winery! The winery dates back 6100 years making it the oldest known winery in the world.

What would be the best way of wrapping up our eventful day, if not with wine-tasting and having an Armenian traditional food in a vineyard? After tasting different types of Armenian wine and enjoying our dinner in a vineyard, we will drive back to our hotel in Yerevan.


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